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Reposted from @belinda_vegan (@get_regrann) - #Repost from @the_elephant_lover83 _ I need people to understand exactly what is happening to captive elephants in India. So many have died. This is how exactly india is allowed to treat its captive elephants. This is your #temple entertainment. The elephant is beaten behind the scenes. #boycottindia Do not support them. _ *Torture Continues for මියන් කුමාරයා (Myan Prince)* Another video of Horrific torture of Myan Prince has surfaced today. Here he is wailing in pain. The mahout keeps on stabbing this chained defenseless elephant till it was bleeding says the witness. The monks of the temple ignored the complaints by the person filming. How can a Buddhist Temple keep an Elephant imprisoned and tortured this way? "Sabbe Satta Bhawantu Sukhi thatta - May all beings free of suffering" preached The Lord Buddha Read our previous posts on Myan Prince ************************************************ CALL FOR ACTION 1) Complain to Bellanvila Police +94112509461 2)Ask HE The President to punish his abusers Tweet: @GotabayaR fb: @gotabaya rajapaksa Email: ps@presidentoffice.lk 3) Demand the temple to follow true Buddhism by releasing Myan Prince to sanctuary -https://www.facebook.com/BellanwilaRajamahaViharaya/?hc_location=ufi Call the temple on +94112738361 4) Sign the petition https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/895/642/993/help-abused-elephant-at-bellanwila-temple-in-sri-lanka/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use these tags #RescueMyanPrince #CompassionOverCulture #SayNoToElephantSlavery #SlavesOfBuddhistTemples _ #elephants #ellies #inthenow #travelindia #globalcitizen #instagood #instadaily #wildlife #nature #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #veganactivists #veganactivism #tbt #animalliberation


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